SIES B2B SoakeD @ De Zolder

The recording of my set together with SoakeD at De Zolder. Techno with a lot of progressive scents and some live sampling. A secret promo party for De Koningsrave and Gewaagd, Koninginnenacht in de loods. This was an insane guestlist only party with only 100 visitors allowed and the ambience was great.

Live DJ footage of the mix and the party

With the DJ booth located in the centre this was a Boiler Room like party on a secret location in Alkmaar. Checkout part of the live stream below. Unfortunately there were some technical issues so the first 5 minutes don’t have audio and it’s not the full set. Most of the set is here to watch! Enjoy!

Line up

  • SIES and SoakeD (Gewaagd)
  • Odette (Proton)
  • Reece 202 (Deep Rood)